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This story is about those three Men of Mystery, The Magi. It is a story known to most of you since your earliest days. Indeed some of you may have had the privilege of being a 'King' in a Nativity play wearing the statutory tea towel on your head. But what do we actually know about Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar ?

A short film by the author Dianne Pegler
on how she channelled the book. The film also includes readings from the book.
Dianne invites you to become immersed in the powerful visualisations

My Spiritual Path

I have been a spiritual seeker for over 15 years with my first step on the path began with the successful completion of Louise Hay's 'Heal Your Life' teacher training programme in 1997. Within three months, I was sitting in Louise' beautiful home in San Diego presenting a children's spiritual and self esteem programme to her which I had written based on Louise's famous book. The programmewas called Hay4Kids and was distributed through the 'Heal Your Life' teaching network.

To this day, I wonder whether Louise remembers playing the 'Treasure Hunt' board game,
part of the Hay4Kids programme, with her secretary and me during my visit! Hay4KIds was distributed all over The World through the teaching network and I am still in contact with many of those people even now. Hay4Kids Positive Affirmation cards were sold through Airlift Book Company which distributed Hay House US books prior to Hay House UK being established.

I have been blessed to have visited fabulous places and met with some amazing people during my spiritual seeking. Of course, I visited San Diego meeting Louise; the following year I presented Hay4Kids in Virginia Beach. Soon after I continued my spiritual path embracing the path of Angels and travelled to Laguna Beach and also Glastonbury, UK to train as an Angel Therapist ™ with Doreen Virtue. I make a point of always attending Doreen's events in London.

Living near to London, I am so fortunate to be able to attend many of the events held in London and seen many of the well known names in the Mind, Body, Spirit World. I am also attuned to Master level in Angelic Reiki, have been 'Reconnected' by Eric Pearl. I have taught my own 'Heal Your Life' workshops and my own Angel workshops, resulting in carrying out countless Angel Healings during the ensuing years which even to this day never cease to amaze me.

Angels have played a major part in my spiritual path. In 2007, I was awoken during the night by Archangel Zadkiel and channelled a message which he brought through to me about The Violet Flame and The Great White Healing Dome. This has recently been made into a YouTube video.

'I Am Zadkiel'

In 2010, I attended a Healing Workshop which attracted me as it was described as the
Healing Vibration of the Essenes. It was during this workshop, that I also discovered that my guide was Merlin, The Magical Sorcerer and Alchemist which I have to admit was rather a surprise. I also began to channel messages from the Wonderful Wizard and commissioned a painting based on the first message from Merlin. The message and painting have been created in a YouTube video.

'I Am Returning Said Merlin'

It was during this 'Merlin' period that I began to write a regular column for Health and Happiness magazine in The UK and 'Faeries and Angels' magazine based in The States.

However, I now know that Merlin was a 'springboard' if you like and the forerunner to the channelled book The Sacred Order of the Magi. Merlin told me that he was also Melchior of The Magi in a subsequent life and it was that book which was destined to be written now. Another intriguing concept in the revelation that The Magi are the Spiritual Security Service as my first role after leaving school was as an Officer with MI5 when Stella Rimington was Director General. I often wonder whether it was all part of a Divine Plan.

I live in the picturesque medieval village of Horndon On The Hill which is mentioned in the Doomsday Book with my husband and soulmate, Toby and beautiful, sparkly daughter Keiley.