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The Sacred Order of the Magi ....


When I first met Dianne Pegler I was impressed by her gentleness, her integrity, and her enthusiasm to serve a great purpose. That was fifteen years ago. Through her willingness to serve she has done many things, but her latest inspired offering, a beautiful book The Sacred Order of the Magi  is evocative, enigmatic and contains a powerful life changing invitation to 'step up' and find your place on the Grid of Light.

It is a book of two distinct levels. A simply told yet magical story channelled by Melchior, the youngest of the three wise men of biblical fame, takes the reader into a historical world of adventure. On Melchior's journey we find inspiring qualities of loyalty, friendship, service and a deep love. Between the lines of the story, and on a completely different level,  we are invited to develop a deep bonding connection with the Divine Light as we develop a meditative practice which takes us into service of a higher spiritual nature. After reading this from cover to cover I found myself noticing the symbol of the magi everywhere! Whether you are drawn to the book for its gorgeous cover, or intriguing title, once you start reading it, like me you will be captivated by the energy of love exuding from between the lines.

Chrissie Astell,
Author, Spiritual Educator, Essene Minister

The beautiful loving energy of the book's wonderful message radiates from every page. And I'm sure it will bring peace of heart to many people.

Dr Jude Currivan,
cosmologist, healer and author of The 8th Chakra and HOPE.

I read The Sacred Order of the Magi in two nights. I couldn't put it down for it took me on a journey; a journey of remembrance. As if ancient starlight was beckoning from the distant mists of Time. Spine-tingling and reassuring, this account of the wonderful Wise Men we have come to know as the The Magi, elicits feelings of love, truth and protection. I feel this story is resurrected at this auspicious time in our world's history because the purity and divinity we have forgotten are rising again. Each one of us is remembering who we truly are. This book will touch more than a memory. It has an energy and a life of its own. Allow it to touch your soul and bring your divine spark back to full flame.
Jay Atkinson,
Author of A Work of Heart


For the first time in my life, I'm at a loss for words; and this is because I don't want to give away even the tiniest of the juicy details that unfold in this powerful and impossible-to-put down book. The channeled narrative by Merlin/Mechior is enlightening, and provides detailed and important information about the Sacred Order of the Magi that I found to be third eye-opening as well as extremely interesting. I particularly loved learning about how the Magi began their journey, the meaning of the sacred symbol, and the visualizations.  There is much to love about this book, and I highly recommend it.

Sherri Cortland,
author of Windows of Opportunity,
Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age, and Spiritual Toolbox

This book is a spine-tingling, authentic channelled account of the ones we came to know as the Three Wise Men. As a channeller myself, I have come to discern very quickly what is what and what is not. Dianne Pegler writes so beautifully and so movingly of the life of Yeshua (Jesus) and his Divine Doormen! I couldn't put it down and read it in two nights. I was transported immediately into the world that is not much different from ours now, only it occurred over 2000 years ago! I can't recommend this book highly enough. It is simply beautiful and will lift your spirits as it did mine. The words carry their own vibrational energy of upliftment and mostly Love, which is - after all - what He came to teach!
J, North Wales

I have finished your amazing book and I hope there will be another on Mary Madgelene!  It was very spiritual and I was deeply touched and moved by it. I still think about the contents of the book on a daily basis. I left a review on amazon I hope you seen it.
Claire Moss

Hi Diane I love your book 'The Sacred Order of the Magi', it's just wonderful!

Now and again a book comes along that 'stirs your soul' and makes you very glad that you found it. This is one of those books that you cannot put down until you have read it from cover to cover.The Sacred Order of the Magi is such a book and I will be re-reading it many times as I found it truly inspiring. Like many others I was intrigued by the title and did wonder what happened to the Three Wise Men. The information about the Essenes and Jesus is just great.I have also always been drawn to the Essenes and am a member of the Essene International Network. Thank you Dianne for this book, you have produced a real gem!

Gillian Greenwood Ph.D.

Love this book. It has a huge positive vibration that you can feel as you read it. The visualizations are excellent and I felt so enveloped by the story that I felt I was part of it.
Niall Morton

I loved this book - it is beautifully written and fills ones heart with peace and tranquillity. It gives hope for the future.

Patricia Boshoff

This is a fascinating and interesting book would recommend this to everyone, the true story about the 3 wise men has never been told before. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.
Maureen Sturman

This magical book unfolds chapter by chapter with many spiritual truths. I think each reader will get whatever they need from this book assisting them on their own journey.

Linda Essam

I absolutely love your book!