Return of the Magi Film

One year after the publication of The Sacred Order of The Magi book, I received the message that I should make a film about The Magi. Our Magi have time travelled to the present day. They are Super Heroes whose mission is still to protect Yeshua and Planet Earth.

I have no experience or connection to the film industry however that didn’t stop me. I have learnt to trust and to follow my inner guidance where The Magi are concerned.

I turned to a very dear friend who I came to know through Tom T Moore who is included in my Inspirational Links. Val Stoner is a wonderful lady who hosted a Gentle Way Workshop for Tom in Henley On Thames in 2009. Val and I have been great friends ever since. When I told Val that I knew I had to make a film based on The Magi but set in the present day, she immediately agreed. Never questioned, never asked how; simply set to thinking of ways and means to make this happen. Val and I have collaborated every day since and at this point, September 2017, we have nearly completed the teaser film to be presented to Executive Film Producers.

Val introduced me to Richard Pinches and Liz Madgwick Howard of Meadows Farm Studios in Henley On Thames who have produced breath taking film footage for the teaser capturing The Magi as they were 2000 years ago and as they are now.

Should anyone wish to contribute towards the completion of the film in any way, financially or otherwise, please do contact me on


We are making a film which holds a beautiful message for Our World.