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Ascended Masters Diamond Light Healing Practice

In September 2016, I met a lady who would become not only a very close friend but also a very important one especially now as the power of The Diamond Light Grid increases.

Soon after we met, Liz Stone of Rainbow Healing & Therapies read my book and just after received the message from Melchior to create The Ascended Masters Diamond Light Healing Practice based on the Diamond Light Grid and the magnificent Ascended Masters.

Liz has worked tirelessly to sit with the magnificent energies of the wondrous Beings Of Light and created a beautiful healing practice which is now being offered as a Healing Practice. This was launched earlier in the year as a taster for those wishing to experience the magnificence of the Ascended Masters Diamond Light vibration however here are the details below for the first Healing Practice teaching to be held in October this year.

I am so happy to tell you that each person who experienced the healing at the launch in May was profoundly moved. No-one was happier than Liz, however.

All her hard work and dedication was rewarded that day. Please contact her through her Facebook page: Rainbow Healing & Therapies to know more. It is a beautiful, powerful, graceful, elegant vibration.





Health & Happiness Magazine

Just as I took my first steps along the Spiritual Path and obviously running before I could walk, I wrote a children's Spiritual and Self Esteem programme called
Hay4Kids as I have mentioned. It was based on Louise Hay's ethos of 'You Can Heal Your Life'. I completed the 'You Can Heal Your Life' training in June 1997 and in October 1997 was presenting Hay4Kids to Louise in her home in San Diego. It was the week of Louise' birthday and we presented her with a beautiful gift depicting Children of The World Holding Hands symbolic of the amazing role Louise had played in bringing Spiritual Enlightenment to our Planet and for the vision we held for future generations. It was, as you may imagine, a surreal and magical moment.

I was and still am passionately devoted to children's issues despite the fact that Hay4Kids never did achieve the Worldy success which I had hoped. I believe it may have been ahead of its time however even now I know of people who say they owe their very life to it. So success comes in all forms, of course, much of which we may never know about.

Two people who did believe in Hay4Kids and to whom I will be eternally grateful for their wonderful article about Hay4Kids published in their magazine, New Health, were Twos Publishing based in Birmingham, UK.

I can still recall how excited I felt when opening the magazine to read the article. I even remember the colour and the smell of the magazine. It was beautiful and depicted everything I wanted to say and illustrate about Hay4Kids.

Life goes on, of course and there came a time when I finally conceeded that Hay4Kids had gone as far as it was going to. It was a heartbreaking decision however there is a Divine Time for all things so never say never! Who knows, maybe one day.

I did however always keep in contact with Twos Publishing, the delightful lady publishers who had given me one of the best opportunities to promote Hay4Kids. Over the years it became more on a time to time basis and it was always Dion or Dee that I spoke to as she was 'Front of House', the Voice of New Health which then went on to become Health and Happiness Magazine. Dee was a bubbly friend and confidant over the phone to me and it was always a pleasure to speak to her. I spoke to Sarah on the rare occasion she picked up the phone however Sarah is the design and lay-out person of the magazine and I always had this image of her quietly beavering away in another room producing the magazine while Dee promoted it.

Imagine my devastation then when I clicked on the Health and Happiness website to discover that Dee had passed away after a relatively short but devastating illness. I called to speak to Sarah just a few months after. From that day to this, eight years later, Sarah whom I had rarely spoken to has become one of my closest friends and dearest support especially now that we do speak so regularly as she published
The Sacred Order Of The Magi story each month in Health and Happiness magazine.

She is also the wonderful person who has created this beautiful website for me. It has been a shared partnership and I have been delighted at every step of our way. This beautiful woman has brought herself from 'back to the front of house' and single handedly developed and grown Health and Happiness to be the spiritual, filled with up to the minute Complementary Therapies and Therapists magazine which you can now find at spurred on by Dee's Light, of course, which is always manifesting in one form or another.

Sarah is a rare and special Light in my life and for many people to whom she is a true friend who also helps them to promote their work. I could not possibly have an Inspirational Links page without including Sarah Derrington and Heath and Happiness magazine.

This another example of following where my Heart led me and being so grateful that I did.
I encourage you to do the same.


Tom T Moore


written by Tom T Moore

There are many books written about Angels, many of which I have read, however one book which I always recommend is The Gentle Way by Tom T Moore. The Gentle Way advocates asking for Most Benevolent Outcomes for everything in life. Do you know the reason I recommend The Gentle Way and using MBOs?

It is because they work!

I couldn't live my life without MBOs now.

MBO's work beautifully, magically, humorously and in ways which you could never imagine but always Angelically and for the Most Benevolent Outcome for all concerned. There's also something which is called The Radiant Effect that is the Angelic term for those who have unwittingly got themselves included in someone else' MBO! How wonderful and who knows where that could lead them? Life will never be quite the same when you begin to use MBOs. Those who use MBOs live their life The Gentle Way and a life which is filled with Magic!


Tony Stockwell

Several years ago now, I had the wonderful opportunity to do some training in Mediumship skills at Tony Stockwell's Studio in Essex. It was an amazing experience and one which I know helped me gain confidence in my own abilities. I also love the fact that Tony's Studio instils the need for ethics, compassion and the right and the wrong way to deliver a message from a deceased loved one into their trainees. I have witnessed blessed healing for those suffering the torment of
deep grief from attending a Mediumship event.

One evening during my time at Tony's we were taken in meditation to meet our guide. It was a breathtaking and beautiful experience which I have never forgotten. I found myself in a very old and ancient kitchen for want of a better word. There was a lady in the kitchen who was using a pestle and mortar to grind herbs into a healing potion. She had her back to me however looked over and smiled when she saw me. The lady had a quiet, graceful energy and was simply attired wearing a white veil on her head as women from The East i.e. Asian and Arabic countries do.

The lady implied to me that I was a healer, too. The lady then took me flying through the night time skies. I wore a simple gold crown on my head which had a Star shape stencilled out. The Star was immediately over my third eye. As I journeyed through the night sky holding the lady's hand, millions of Stars flew through the Star in my crown and trailed behind me like blow bubbles.

The lady smiled at me and nodded for she knew that I had understood her. The lady's message to me was that I should take all the Stars and give them to whoever I met from that day forward.

By reading this little piece, please know that I have just given you a Star. A Star of Hope, A Star of Beauty, A Star of Grace, A Star of Kindness and Compassion, A Star Of Fun and Laughter, A Star of Joy And Wonderful Experiences. All I ask is that you too share these Stars with whoever you met along you way. They don't even need to know. It will be our secret, yours, mine and the lady.

I call her Star by the way.

For anyone who is interested in learning a little more about Mediumship, Clairvoyance and this aspect of Spirituality then I would recommend Tony's Studio. I have nothing but praise for Tony and the people who work with him.


The AVAAZ Organisation

'To Close The Gap Between The World We Have

And The World Most People Everywhere Want'

Just five short years ago, The Avaaz Organisation was founded by a small group of Peaceful Activists. Avaaz is the Farsi word for Voice. The Avaaz  Organisation exists to be the Voice of the people across The Planet in such matters as human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, conflict.

I have been privileged to have been a member of The Avaaz Organisation since its inception and have watched In wonder and amazement at how far the  organisation has grown and what it has achieved. In the past where we have watched in helpless desperation, Now we know we have a Voice in The Avaaz Organisation. All you have to do is 'click' to add your name  to The Avaaz members who have already petitioned.

Again, if you feel inclined, please join The Avaaz Organisation to be alerted to their Global Campaigns.


Doreen Virtue

I have been blessed to have met some amazing people who have enhanced my life and spiritual path and one person who deserves a special mention is Doreen Virtue.

I encountered Angels quite early on in my Spiritual Path and have been Oh! So Grateful that I did because I truly believe they raise our
thoughts, words and actions to the Angelic Realm particularly when we are practising our Spiritual Beliefs.

I intially attended a short Angel Seminar with Doreen quite a number of years ago and was then blessed and privileged to spend time with her in Laguna Beach, California culminating in completing Angel Therapy (TM) in Glastonbury. The good people of Glastonbury said they knew The Angel People were in Town as the energies had changed! How Wonderful.

Angel Therapy was an entire week of the most amazing experiences, meeting the most amazing people with Doreen in our midst. Her own personal Light and Angelic connection is beautiful to behold however Doreen is also very humorous and human which makes her approachable. Doreen understands The Angels and she understands us.

I know that the beauty, grace and insights of my own Angel Readings are a testament to Doreen's teachings and encouragement. When we hesitated to relay an Angelic message due to our own human interpretation, Doreen would say: 'Just Say It, Say it.' It was always a relevant and appropriate message and I have never forgotten Doreen's voice and her smiling encouragement. And so to this day, I say it! I say it as I hear it and by doing so I have been privileged to be a part of so many beautiful Healings by carrying out my own Angel Readings. Angels connect us to The Divine and to The Sacred.

If you feel guided to do so, I would encourage you to visit Doreen Virtue's own website:


Raymond Bradshaw Photography

Raymond is a landscape photographer and gallery owner from Cornwall, England.

On his site you will see photography from Cornwall and around the United Kingdom.


Zimbate - A path to truth

Flicking through the last issue of Kindred Spirit in 2009, I came across an article which triggered my interest. I subsequently discovered that the article was a last minute inclusion in that edition of the magazine so, as we all know, it was obviously meant to be.

The article was on Zimbate Healing which an American lady, Carolyn Snyder was going to bring to The UK the following Spring. The part about Zimbate Healing which really piqued my interest was that it was bringing through the Essene Healing energy from Yeshua Ben Joseph, Jesus of

Nazareth's time. The article also went on to say that you would be introduced to your guide during the Zimbate Healing Attunement.

How wonderful, I thought, I adore Jesus, love The Essenes and all that I have read about them and to know my guide as well. I was hooked. I was 'in'! Three months later, I attended the Zimbate Healing workshop held in Hastings, Sussex in February 2010. It coincided with my birthday and  what a gift it has turned out to be.

I did meet my guide who turned out to be the Amazing Alchemist and Sourcerer, Merlin. I purposely spell sorcerer including a 'u' because Merlin is a Wondrous Being Of Light and close to The Source Of All That Is.

Looking back on the year 2010, it seems like a kaleidoscope of Magical Merlin events and channellings which culminated just before Christmas with the first line of The Sacred Order Of The Magi book being given to me. That first sentence went on to become 21 Chapters accompanied by 21 visualisations leading the reader on their own journey following the Diamond Light Grid.

The Sacred Order Of The Magi book is the untold story of the Three Wise Men and told from the perspective of Melchior, the youngest Magi who came from Cornwall. In a later life, Melchior incarnated as Merlin.

The book has received some beautiful reviews and endorsements which you can read on Amazon and also on the website. You just never know where life may lead you if you follow your Heart and Inner Guidance.

Carolyn Snyder visits The UK on a regular basis and there are also Zimbate Healing Practitioners in Hastings.

You can contact Carolyn via

and Niall Morton and Jackie Collins on


Rahanni Celestial Healing

As I have mentioned in my introduction about my Spiritual Path to date, I have been so very blessed to have been guided to meet some beautiful people; healing modalities, attended lectures and workshops. I am sure that many of you reading this know only too well how when you are drawn to do something presented to you on your Spiritual Journey nothing will stand in your way to be with that person or attend that workshop. If your Heart and Soul call you, then you will be there!

Well, one of those pivotal healing modalities for me was Rahanni Celestial Healing which has been brought through to us at this time of Planet Earth's most important Ascension process into the 5th Dimension by a beautiful lady called Carol Stacey in 2002. I was very blessed to have been attuned by Carol in her home in Essex several years ago now. It was one of the times when the healing modality I was compelled to know more about and to be attuned in was close by were I live however I would have travelled to wherever I needed to go for I was guided by my Heart and by my Soul. How right I was!

Rahanni means of One Heart; There is No Separation and We Are All Connected by Truth, Love and Compassion Which Is Our Natural Essence.

Ra relates to The Sun God of Ancient Egypt and The Father of All Creation
Hanni is the Hebrew girl's name meaning 'Favoured Grace'.

To me, that sums up Rahanni. It is Graceful, Elegant, Calming, and the epitome of the combined Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Vibrations. It is Sacred Balance which has been brought through to us by Carol from the Most High and Exalted Light Beings as their gift to us as we enter The Age Of Aquarius.

I love to say Rahanni as two words. I love to say Ra and then after a slight pause, I say Hanni. I love to combine the two meanings as one and in doing so I know there is the melding of the Sacred Energies and the restoration of Balance, Peace, Love and Harmony in my life.

There is so much more to Rahanni Celestial Healing than I have said here, of course, so if you feel guided I would encourage you to contact Carol herself through her website: This beautiful healing vibration has spread to over 20 countries across our Planet since 2002.

Just as Rahanni Celestial Healing made its way beautifully across our Planet, I now believe that there is powerful connection to The Magi and Yeshua Ben Joseph to this graceful vibration of Truth, Love and Compassion, qualities upheld by those Wondrous Beings of Purest Star Light from over two thousand years ago.