When You
Wish Upon A Star

When You Wish Upon A Star....
Makes No Difference Who You Are...When You Wish Upon A Star...Your Dreams Come True!

So said Walt Disney and do you know, I really do believe that Walt knew a thing or too
because The Star has been very important to me from the very beginning of my Spiritual
Path but I never realised this until I began to notice just how often The Star did feature in my life.
The first time I wrote about The Star was when I wrote a visualisation for the first course
I ever did which was Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' Teacher Training.
The visualisation meditation is for creating abundance and prosperity in one's life
by calling upon your own personal Star. It really is a pretty visualisation
but deceptively powerful. I useD to wonder how I came to write such a meditation when
this was my first step on the Spiritual Path but now I know that The Star chose me.
It wasn't my decision at all.

Star Prosperity Visualisation

Close Your Eyes And Start To Breathe Deeply
And Begin To Relax
Remember You Are Safe and Divinely Guided
Take Deep Breaths, Relax Your Shoulders
Visualise The Brightest Star In The Galaxy
It Shines So Brilliantly Among All The Other Hundreds Of Stars
And Is Becoming Brighter And Brighter
This Moment Is Suspended In Time
It Is A Moment Of Anticipation, Of Wonder
Of Infinite Possibility
Suddenly The Star - Your Star
Shoots Through The Galaxy
Gathering Power And Energy As It Courses
Its Way Towards You
Its Powerful Ray Enters Through
The Top
Of Your Head
You Have Never Felt Such Power,
Such Magnetism
, Such Peace.
You Are One With The God Who Made You
You Are One With All The Stars In The Galaxy
The Abundance Of The Universe Is Yours
Feel Yourself Become A Divine Magnet For All
The Abundance You Deserve!
The Power Of This Beautiful Star Travels
Through Your Body
Until It Passes Out Through Your Toes
And You
Are As One Continuous Stream Of Light
Connecting You To Nurturing Planet Earth
And The Galaxy Of Stars.
You Are Now Drawing All The Abundance Of
The Universe To You
Feel The Peace As Your Dreams Of Health,
Wealth, Loving Relationships
And Success In Your Career And
Personal Life
Are Realised
Take As Long As You Like To Really Experience
These Wonderful Feelings
Bring These Feelings To You Every Time
You Say
Your Positive Affirmation
'I Am Divinely Abundant And
A Magnet For Success'
Now Release Your Dreams With Gratitude To
The Universe To Manifest For You On The
Earthly Plane

Dianne Pegler June 1997

Angel Star Healing

Visualise in your mind's eye a beautiful six pointed star. A star shape which has been created by the melding of two back to back shimmering pyramids of light merging to form a six pointed star. The two pyramids are the epitome of the sacred male energy thrusting upwards to embrace and absorb the sacred female energy reaching down from heaven bringing all the wonderous qualities of the Goddess to assist in Earth's ascension.

'As above, so below'

Once you have visualised the beautiful star in your mind, then place yourself, or the person(s),
animal, country, situation you wish to heal, within the star.

Create the six pointed star in your etheric field or within the person you wish to heal by visualising a magnificent shining star above your (their) crown chakra. Then visualise a star at their feet and another star in the Earth below. Visualise stars at either shoulder and hip by joining all the stars, you create your own beautiful six pointed star shimmering within the magnificent six pointed start of the universe. Continue visualising this wonderous star you created, by allowing your chakra energy points to open with star light. You are now a swirling energy mass of stars and star light. You are filled with love, joy, laughter, compassion, kindness, peace, empowerment, creativity, fulfillment, wonder.

As you bask in this wonderous star light, you now see that the magnificent archangels are approaching to stand at the star light energy points. The mighty Archangel Michael is standing on your right for guidance and protection. The clarion call Archangel, Gabrielle is at your left. Archangel Uriel is the angel of our beautiful planet Earth and stands at your head to bridge the space between earth and heaven. Archangel Raphael, kindly Angel of Healing, bathes you in his compassionate green ray behind you at your back. Archangel Chamuel, the Angel of love and forgiveness is placed firmly in your heart chakra. The Archangel of the Violet Flame, Archangel Zadkiel supports your feet and transmutes everything which no longer serves you with his gold and silver violet ray. Finally, Archangel Jophiel steps forward, to bring you the gift of being as beautiful as she is herself. Archangel Jophiel comes to brighten your star to eye dazzling dimensions. The star is almost too bright to gaze upon. Rest awhile with this image. Archangel Jophiel is the 'key' to your healing. She carries a golden key nestled on a velvet cushion. Finally Archangel Metatron, the scribe Archangel appears and offers you a magnificent feather quill pen. Archangel Metatron has arrived to offer you the opportunity to re-write your script; past, present and to come in reality, time is ALL time

Start light, Star bright!

The Angels' message is 'Keep It Simple.'
By doing so, your Star will become brighter, beautiful, powerful.
The Angels also tell me that it is only necessary to create The Star Points within one's own etheric body once. As soon as you visualise The main Star and step into it, the Star Points align and alight.
The Angels also tell me that everyone has their own Star in The Galaxy.
Visualise that Star beaming Angelic and Cosmic Information to you.

The Angels' final message to you 'Love Is The Key'

Dianne Pegler 7th February 2008

The Angel in the Sky

On Friday night 4th July 2008 just as I was about to board the train to go home,
I read a very upsetting headline in the newspaper. It was the last words of a young black man who had been stabbed and as he lay dying.

As I sat on the train, I was so sad. Obviously because this was such a tragic taking of a young life, too many young lives at that time for there was a spate of this type of incident, but also because I had written the Hay4Kids Self Esteem programme a number of years earlier which I had intended to be held in schools across The UK and more importantly very nearly succeeded in doing so. I was so passionate about this programme based on the Louise Hay 'You Can Heal Your Life' philosophy and truly believe that if children know how uniquely beautiful and special they are from a very early age..
Well, these gangs which attract young people just would not hold any appeal and therefore not exist.

As I left London, lost in deep and very sad thought, I looked up to the sky. As I did an Angel appeared in the sky. Her wing span was immense and encompassed the entire London City skyline. Now, I know I am an Angel person. I believe in Angels and all they can do for us however until that day, I have never seen an Angel. I looked all around to see if anyone else had seen this phemomena however everyone was, as usual, engrossed in their newspapers, ipods, etc.. It seemed that no-one could see this beautiful apparition but me but how could they not, I thought. She is huge. Surely someone else can see this beautiful Angel in the sky.

I wished I had a phone which took photos at that time however I didn't.
The Angel remained in the sky until just before my destination and then as if she had never been there at all, she was gone. The only explanation I have is that the beautiful Angel appeared to me that night to bring me hope and to let me know that God and the Divine and Ascended Masters knew how sad I was and they understood.

Even Now when writing about this experience, I am emotional because it brings back to me just how very sad I felt and how grateful and reassured I was to see that very beautiful and very large Angel.
This happened on 4th July, as I mentioned. It is also the date of Independence Day for The United States of America. I have always loved America and have a number of American friends so I have often wondered whether there is a particular personal significance for that date for me too.

As the 4th July the following year approached, I wondered whether anything as magnificent would happen for me. Well, it did but I had to wait until 11.00pm that night. I was at the Take That concert in Wembley Stadium watching and listening to their final song which was when 80 thousand people sang along to 'Rule The World' all pointing to a dazzlingly eye catching 6 Pointed Star which hung as a magnificent finale backdrop. Yes, that's it, I thought...that's my 4th July sign from those on high!

Every year since, something very personal and rather gracefully spectacular has happened for me on 4th July..Yes, every year since. So, once again, I ask that you take note of these special High, Spiritual experiences which occur for you alone. For when they do, it is a sign from God and The Angels.