Archangel Michael

As you know by now, I love words which begin with the letter 'M'.
A name which I love beginning with the letter 'M' is Michael. Where some people may not even know one 'Michael', I am fortunate to be surrounded by them and every one of them Is gorgeous. My nephew, my brother and brother in law to name just three.

Finally, finally I have at last realised that this is not a coincidence. For those 'Up Above', I apologise. Sometimes, it takes a while for the penny to drop! I now know that Archangel Michael is the reason that I love this name and all my 'Michaels'. I also know that all Michaels are special and have an affinity to Archangel Michael. You may know of exceptions to this however, I believe I have been guided to this awareness and in knowing this have been led to create a page dedicated to Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael is the Angel of The Ascension. There is also a connection between Archangel Michael and Merlin. Both of these amazing Light Beings are working tirelessly to help us during this time. Call Michael's name whenever you feel in need of his beautiful loving energy. Whenever I call Michael to me, my breathing changes immediately and very soon after I find myself in a state of Peaceful Bliss.

I know that Archangel Michael is with me and trust me when I say this is so empowering! I'd love to know what you experience when you call Archangel Michael to be with you.

You only have to say the word 'Michael'.