The Diamond Light Grid & Indra's Web



As well as bringing to life the unknown story of The Three Wise Men and the role they played in Jesus' life which has been erased from the scriptures, Melchior of The Magi, who brought through this beautiful narrative within 21 channelled messages which form The Sacred Order Of The Magi book, he also revealed the huge importance of The Diamond Light Grid.


Here is how Melchior describes The Diamond Light Grid in

The Sacred Order Of The Magi book:


Visualise now a vast intricate web rather like a spider's web which is paradoxically beautiful and complex. Take a little while to weave this web in your mind, making it just the way you want it to be for this is a Divine Creation. It is also the Grid or Web which connects everything in The Universe. You are connected to this vibrant , shining Web of Light and can return to it whenever you feel the need to do so you connect to The Divine Creator.

You will notice that your Grid consists of geometrical shapes. These geometrical shapes are replicated throughout The Universe and throughout your Planet. It is by use of Divine Sacred Geometry and connecting to the Universal Grid that those who created the Ancient Wonders of the World did so. There was no separation from The Divine Creator at that time you see. Miracles occur when you are One with The Divine Creator.

Allow your Grid to grow in whichever way feels right for you. We are all connected to The Universal Grid however we are all unique with individual gifts and talents to bring to the beautiful new Planet Earth.


Here is the description of Indra's Web which Jude Currivan Phd, an eminent scientist, cosmologist, astrologist has used as the metaphor for The Cosmic Hologram which is the title of her latest book.


Jude has collated her own findings and that of numerous scientists from all over The World proving that The Cosmic Hologram and The Diamond Light Grid are The Universe.

Tu-Shen, a Buddhist monk described The Universe as Indra's Web, 500 years BC.

Imagine a shimmering net of light, without beginning, or end. At each node of its weave and weft sits a shimmering jewel and these multi-faceted jewels reflect and are each reflected by every other in rainbow hued radiance of ever changing illumination. Its infinite oneness manifest in the uncountable creative gems through which its eternal evolution is continually inspired and co-created.

The two descriptions are identical.


Tu-Shen lived 500 years before Christ. Melchior lived at the same time, 2000 plus years ago. Melchior channelled the description of The Diamond Light Grid to me in my book The Sacred Order Of The Magi.

Jude Currivan's book The Cosmic Hologram was published 2017. It has taken the scientists 2517 years to catch up!

Having read Jude's book myself, no easy task as it is like revising for a University Degree in Physics! what I can tell you, proof positive, is that The Universe is a Cosmic Hologram or Diamond Light Grid reflecting back to you exactly what you are projecting to it.

I can also tell you that not only is The Diamond Light Grid or The Cosmic Hologram, The Universe, it is also your means to co-create with The Universe.

Jude's book made my heart race with excitement at the sheer awesome wonder of The Universe, the balance, the symmetry, the Cosmic Dance.

And with all their research, the scientists recognise that there is an Infinite Intelligence that orchestrates The Dance.

The book Cosmic Hologram is also your means of confirmation to the doubting 'Muggles' (Harry Potter terminology for those who lack any magical powers) who you know that what you have been telling them has been scientifically proven by some of the best brains on The Planet!

For me, it was a wondrous confirmation that My Beloved Melchior of The Magi had revealed something so magnificent. The Diamond Light Grid is your means to create the life of your dreams. It is Sacred Knowledge shared to you at this magnificent time.


Dianne Pegler

Author Of The Sacred Order Of The Magi

September 2017