Operation Magi

The tragic events at the Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, 22nd May 2017 witnessed an unprecedented breach of boundaries in The UK. I suppose it was only a question of time. It would seem it is Time for us to come together as modern day MAGI to direct Pure Diamond Light directly to the dark who in Melchior's words, 'Have A Desire For The Lights Of The Universal Grid To Flutter And Dim.'

The first few pages of The Sacred Order of The Magi book are particularly relevant at this time and I have no doubt that The Magi are guiding this Circle of Light Workers to come together in
Operation MAGI.

I have never written a newsletter simply for the sake of it only ever if I had something important to say. I am writing my first newsletter in over a year the morning after the sad events in London at London Bridge and Borough Market last night.

This is not the first time that dedicated Light Workers have joined forces during times of great urgency. Dion Fortune, an enigmatic lady, established such a Sacred Circle during World War 2. Her group met in Hampshire however rumour has it that she carried out a Sacred Ritual on the beach in Dover. If the German Navy had breached The English Channel, there would most certainly have been an alternative outcome. I also know that a group sat in Sarajevo during the Serbo-Croatian conflict. Probably there are countless such groups across The World.

Those of us included in
Operation MAGI are asked to focus our Light and align to the Diamond Light Grid at 11.00 every day however specifically on Mondays. We are calling it MAGI MONDAY. It is easy to remember.

If you feel urged to find out more please read the whole newsletter here