Have you ever wondered
who your Guardian Angel is?

What is the name of your Guardian Angel?

Well, wonder no more! This is such fun.

Make yourself very comfortable and sit quietly in a Sacred Space.

Now a Sacred Space doesn't have to be an elaborate affair. It just has to be personal to you, graceful and simple. It can be a small area of any room where you can light a candle, place a few flowers on a little table where maybe an Angel ornament stands. Go there regularly and when you do feel how beautiful and how very special this Sacred Space is.

When you are ready to ask..Simply say..
'Please ,Guardian Angel who has been with me since even before my birth.
Please, Dear Guardian Angel would you tell me your name?'
The very first name which pops into your head is the name of your Guardian Angel.
Trust me, it is.

When I did this, I heard the name 'Gloria'. I thought ... Oh! Yes! That sounds just the sort of name an Angel would have. Yes, that's it. Well, do you know and after a very short while, I knew that in fact my Guardian Angel's name wasn't Gloria, it was Florian! Now, don't ask me how I knew this, I just did.

I believe that my Guardian Angel realised that I hadn't heard her name correctly the first time and just kept whispering in my ear until I did 'get it'. I remember doing this exercise with one of my first Angel Classes. I prayed that everyone would hear a name. I knew they would but, of course, there is always that litte bit of human doubt or fear which creeps in and I didn't want anyone to be disappointed.

Everyone did receive the name of their Guardian Angel and while some were quite exotic, for example, one lady's Guardian Angel was called Arabella while another lady's Angel was called Ernie! It only matters that you can call your Guardian Angel by their name which seems to make them feel so very close and so personal to us.

Go on. Give it a try. It's such a lovely thing to do. I promise you.