I am Mary Magdalene ~ channeled by Dianne Pegler

Music and reading by Randel Renaud http://randelrenaud.com

The following is a channelled message from Mary Magdalene via Dianne Pegler

It Is I, Your Sister Mary

On this day when I am venerated by many people in areas of your beautiful Planet. I come to you in the highest of vibrations which are of the utmost importance to me and those who I knew thousands of years ago and who I am drawing so close to Now.

For Now is the Time to resurrect the Path of The Magdalene for The Magdalene Path is, of course, The Sacred Divine Feminine Vibration which is so lacking on your beautiful Planet.

The High Vibrations of The Path of The Magdalene are of course, Love in all its forms however the essence I am bestowing upon you today, the day I am revered on your beautiful Planet, is the High Vibration of GRACE, My Beloveds.

This is my gift to you on the day when I will receive many gifts and supplications. From this day forward, My Beloveds, remember that you were my Sisters all those thousands of years ago and in that knowingness and understanding fill every thought, word and deed with GRACE filled thoughts, GRACE filled words and GRACE filled actions.

You followed me while we were together in human form on Planet Earth and now I urge you, as perhaps I never did even when we were together, to follow The Path of The Magdalene, The Path of The Sacred Divine Feminine and The Path Of Grace. You are called to play vital roles in the elevation of your beautiful Planet, that which is called Ascension, I ask you to remember that you are Beloved Sisters of Mary, The Magdalene and play your roles in Highest Love and Grace.

This is a simple message from me to you, My Beloved Sisters.

I know you miss me and I miss you. The times we shared on Planet Earth were so blissfully happy until the end however those Times of Magic and Miracles will come again and you are called upon to play your role once again Now as you did 2000 thousand years ago. My simple message is that of Pure, High Love from me to you and my Gift to you on this day is the Pure High essence of GRACE.

I am Mary, The One Called The Magdalene. We will meet again one day, My Beloved Sisters.