Merlin's channelled message
20th March 2011

'I Am Returning' said Merlin to the Faeries

'The time has come. It was written in the Stars that I would return at this time and you and I have a very important role to play.'

The Faeries listened very carefully as Merlin beamed his message  to them from his haven among The Stars. The Stars have always sung to the Faeries; only the Faeries, Elementals and Devas, Animals, Flora and Fauna can hear their song.

In the 60's we sung:

When The Moon Is In The 7th House and Jupiter Aligns With Mars
Then Peace Will Guide The Planets And Love Will Steer The Stars
Harmony & Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding
No More Falsehoods or Derisions,
Golden Living Dreams Of Vision, Magic Crystal Revelation
And The Minds True Liberation
Aquarius!  Aquarius! **

(How strange that the musical Hair has made it's come back to the West End stage in April 2010!)

Well the actual dawning of the Age of Aquarius when the moon did enter the 7th House and Jupiter did align with Mars was 14th February 2009. 50 years later!  It was on that day The Stars radiated their first message to The Faeries of the very important role they would play in creating the beautiful, loving Age of Aquarius.

For those with eyes to see, the Sun, Moon and Stars have orchestrated breath-taking majesty and planetary alchemy throughout this year commencing with a Blue Moon eclipse on 31st December 2010. This is the heavenly back drop against which Merlin, our enigmatic wizard friend and kindly sage, and the Faeries have created their (unseen to most) miracles.

 'Live, Love and Laugh Out Loud'


I want to share a wonderful image of Merlin as he strides towards Glastonbury, his hat cocked to one side, his staff heralding his way. The Tor is in the distance and he looks over his shoulder beckoning us to follow him. There's a quizzical look in his eyes as he invites us to join in the fun he's just about to start!

Merlin's coat trails the ground and the Faeries seem like balls of Light bouncing along the hem almost as if they are hitching a ride. Merlin takes such long strides and walks so quickly that it's easier for the  Faeries to keep up with him this way. You can hear their peals of gleeful laughter as they all bob along!

Another Merlin secret: 'Orbs which appear in photographs these days are actually Faeries who have stumbled into the shot .. accidentally on purpose!'  

Now we come to Merlin's hat. This is so good, you'll really want to try it. Merlin stood in front me holding his up-turned hat 'Place all your hurts and all your hopes and dreams into the crown of my hat'.

When I had finished he twisted the hat clockwise three times then popped the hat back on to his head. Just like the magician who pulls the white rabbit from his top hat.

'The Light from my crown chakra is so powerful I can transform your disappointments and manifest your dreams.
Do you know why the Light from my Crown Chakra is so powerful? - because this is where I hid The Grail!'

I gasped and Merlin laughed.  Of course, it makes perfect sense.  Merlin is The Protector Of The Grail and where better place to hide it!

Merlin went to say:
'The Grail Path to the Divine is the direct link from the Heart to the Crown Chakra and out to The Universe. Only those with the purest of Hearts and Intentions will attain The Grail (Ascension).'

So simply put, to attain Ascension for ourselves and the Planet, We only need Live, Love and Laugh with the highest of intention for Our Planet and all who dwell upon it.

Merlin also said.. 'Seek the Magick wherever it may be, whoever you are and whatever age you may be!'

How exciting!

 Dianne Pegler                                      

** 5th Dimension and Sung In the Musical 'Hair' by James Rado and Gerome Ragni. Music by Galt McDermott

I Am Merlin

I come to remind you that Keys, Codes and Symbols were placed in the Minds of Men; Women and Children; all Animal and Plant life; in The Mountains; The Oceans; The Sun, Moon and Stars; The Planets; Heaven and Planet Earth in preparation for this momentous time of your Planet's Ascension.

Each and every one of you are discovering for yourselves what this means and how it feels for you and your family and friends for, of course, this is affecting your World!

The World is One Planet made up of countries, nations and people. Each person holds the same Divine Light of The Creator; not one person holds any more Light or any less Light than another.
You are ONE WORLD.

This is a major Key in understanding The Path to Ascension. The meaning of Ascend or Ascension is 'To Move Upwards' and so to move upwards, we who are able must help those who do not or cannot 'move upwards' to do so until we are indeed all living as One World.

Another major Key in The Path to Ascension for those who are seeking to do so and understand that this is what is happening on Planet Earth (there are, of course, many who do not know) is to actively show Kindness, Compassion and Good Humour as every day goes by.

There is a great deal of fear which is human, of course, however fear spreads fear when shared. So do not share it!

Live, Love, Laugh Out Loud ... Seek The Magic!

There is a most magnificent Lunar Opportunity this next day or so which is in conjunction with the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

What is Spring? It is the Time of New Beginnings.

This Wondrous Orb in The Sky, very resonant of a Crystal Ball heralds a New Dawn, My Dear Ones.

Take time to gaze at this beautiful Moon and study it.

You will feel a freshening of the air, there will be Fire in your Heart and your Eyes will be alight with the Hope of The Ages. Take deep breaths and for every breath you hold.
Make A Wish!
Make A Wish For Yourself and Your Planet!'

With Every Wish Send The Most Profound Love That You Can Manifest And Send It Out To Your Planet For Your Planet Needs Love And It Needs Healing'.

Be compassionate for those who need your Love and Kindness however also know that this is all within the Divine Plan of Cleansing and Healing and Moving Your Planet Upwards'

To Align With Other Planets Within The Divine Plan Of The Creator.

I Am Merlin and I tell you that the Key of The Ascension is LOVE

Love in all its Glory is the Key!

I Am Merlin and My LOVE For You Is Infinite, My Dear Ones.

Merlin's Star Gazing Message

I Am Merlin and I have a message to impart.

The message, My Dear Ones, is to relay to you the importance of Star Gazing!
This is a most wondrous pastime and one known to all good Alchemists and Sorcerers.
The benefits of Star Gazing are endless, My Dear Ones and should never be under estimated.
I believe this to be the situation in current times. No spell, incantation, potion, balm or magical tincture is complete without Star Light, My Dear Ones and how can you attract Star Light unless you Star Gaze?  This is something I ask you to consider and to remember well.

Star Light and Star Gazing is to be compared to an Angel touching your Soul, My Dear Ones.
You see now how important it is to Star Gaze? So beautiful. When you gaze upon The Stars hanging so decoratively within God's Universe, you are asking and allowing Pure Star Light Energy to enter your Mind. Every thought, every word and every action is magnified to quartz crystal clarity beaming those thoughts, those words and those actions out into God's Universe.

This is what the Alchemists and Sorcerers of old knew, My Dear Ones and this is what I want you to know for Time is of the essence, as you are aware and I, Merlin am here to help those who seek His truths. Speaking of truths, I encourage you, My Dear Ones to act as the Alchemists and Sorcerers of Old. You note, I am sure that Sorcerer sounds the same as Sourcerer and that is what those Good Magicians knew...that they were close to Source when they were chanting and incanting their spells.

The only way for spells to achieve the magnificence of manifesting is to be as close to God or Source as one can be. This is the reason I am here to explain the importance of Star Light and Star Gazing when you are wishing to attract your Hopes and Dreams into reality.

I loved to Star Gaze while spell making, My Dear Ones. I would raise my face to The Stars; I could feel God's presence in my Heart. I knew then that all my Good Wishes would materialise. When I felt the presence of God, Well, there was no other emotion to compare. With my head raised and my gaze upon The Stars, I would release my spell, my hopes, my dreams, my goals.

The Stars blinked and winked their understanding of my heightened emotion. Quite often,The Stars would shape and shift into what I was dreaming and materialise in the night time sky before my eyes.
So be a dreamer, My Dear Ones, gaze upon The Stars for they are your friends and have been so since the beginning of Time. Act as Alchemists and Sourcerers. Chant, incant, Create a Ceremony for your Manifesting.

Alchemists and Sorcerers would never dream of manifesting unless they held a Ceremony to do so. This is so important for the Law of Manifesting, My Dear Ones. So make your Ceremony Beautiful, make it Magnificent, create it as though your Heart would leap to be invited to such an event.
Order and command The Universe to organise itself into what your Heart desires,
My Dear Ones.

It can be done however another Secret is that you have
to say what you want. Say it loud, say it crystal clear, sing it, chant it and say it until it is there right in front of your eyes. Do not be half hearted in your attempts for that will, My Dear Ones, bring half hearted results, of course!

Time is of the essence so half hearted results simply will not do, My Dear Ones, for you or for The Universe. I Am Merlin and I come to you in Love, My Dear Ones, and in Love for Source and for The Universe.

I Am Merlin, Alchemist, Sourcerer And Magi-cian.