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This story is about those three Men of Mystery, The Magi. It is a story known to most of you since your earliest days. Indeed some of you may have had the privilege of being a 'King' in a Nativity play wearing the statutory tea towel on your head. But what do we actually know about Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar ? Well, we know they came from the East following A Star to find the Infant Jesus; that they brought him Gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh; that they met with Herod which led to the hasty departure of The Sacred Family from Jerusalem to the safe haven of Egypt. The last we hear of The Magi is that they too departed Jerusalem in haste having been warned of Herod's murderous intentions in a dream.

And then what?

How is it that these enigmatic Men of Mystery still feature so prominently in the Christmas story to this day, over two thousand years later when they seemingly returned from whence they came and disappeared never to be heard or seen again.
The Sacred Order Of The Magi story is channelled through my guide Merlin, The Alchemist in his previous incarnation as Melchior, Member of The Magi, and known to Jesus or as he was called then, Yeshua Ben Joseph as Melchior, The Beloved. Within this story, Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar come to life. You will come to know them as Yeshua, Mary and Joseph, Yeshua's Mother and Father and another very significant character, Joseph of Arimathea, knew them.

The Magi did not simply disappear, for they came to Bethlehem not only to honour Yeshua but to protect him. Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar knew of one another but did not know one another until that momentous time in history when individually they plotted their paths to follow The Star to find the Messiah who had been prophesied within their cultures for thousands of years. They found The Messiah, The Saviour Of The World and Son Of God in the form of a beautiful, dark haired baby with the longest eye lashes which fanned his peachy coloured cheeks nestling in the arms of his very loving young mother.

From the moment they saw Yeshua, the bond of The Magi was irrevocable; Three became One and the Spiritual Security Service was formed. They vowed to protect Yeshua and his Sacred Family with their lives and their very first mission was to escort The Sacred Family to Egypt once they became aware of Herod's jealousy and plot to kill the baby, Yeshua. Balthazar protected the Sacred Family and escorted them to Egypt while Melchior and Caspar returned home by separate routes to distract and confuse Herod's Army. So while it may have seemed that The Magi disappeared, nothing was further than the truth. They just went underground and became The Secret Sacred Order Of The Magi.

The Sacred Order Of The Magi is a Secret Order much the same as The Freemasons and has run parallel to that Order for most of the two thousand years however the Sacred Order Of The Magi has remained unknown until now. NOW is the TIME to reveal its existence. It was destined to be so.

The Sacred Order Of The Magi have prevented humanity getting into even worse situations than the catastrophic ones it has lived through during those two thousand years however we are now being called to bring about what Yeshua Ben Joseph came to Earth to do and that is live our lives in Peace, Love and Harmony with Abundance and Equality for all - not just the few and The Sacred Order Of The Magi are now revealed to be with us during this momentous time of Yeshua's second coming or as it is commonly known as The Ascension.

The members of The Sacred Order of The Magi have worked on their own or in a small group with some members never knowing the others. For some families, it was a dynasty which encompassed some, but not always all family members. For the main, the Sacred Order of The Magi has never been infiltrated however power is a charismatic concept and some members have succumbed to living their lives without the integrity and compassion required.

The Vow that The Sacred Order Of The Magi make in their Hearts is to uphold the Truth of Yeshua Ben Joseph's mission.

You will discover how these Three Wonderful Men of Love, Light, Unrelenting Integrity and Bravery and with overwhelming sadness decided what they had to do to ensure that Yeshua understood His destiny and what role He was to play within the spiritual fibre of this beautiful planet.

The revelation of the Sacred Order Of The Magi was always destined to be NOW so that YOU can ask yourself

Am I A Member Of The Sacred Order Of The Magi?
Do I Have The Integrity, Passion and Compassion
To Do All That It Takes To Bring About What Yeshua Began
And Finally Bring Peace On Earth and Good Will To All?

Dianne Pegler 15/07/11